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Transform You Prado into a Weekend Warrior For Under 5K

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In this article we need to tell people how they can transform their humble 4WD Prado that’s sitting in the drive way never going anywhere apart from a to and from drive back to work, and maybe even taking their kids to the footy – to all that plus getting away and going offroad visiting places they have never seen before all within hours from their house.

The prado comes available in 3 models a 90 series, 120 series, and 150 series – they have all the capabilities of a landcruiser and patrol 4wd but are usually just kept as a family vehicle with no sign of 4×4 action.

Aussie Offroad Megastores have all the right accessories to transform their family prado into a capable weekend warrior.

These bits include:

All the parts are available from Aussie Offroad megastores