Land cruiser 2014

The most awaited land cruiser facelift!

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Land cruiser, which has been in production since 1951, is one of the most popular and until recent times, luxurious in its class.

Today, the advent of high-end technology and powerful features has given the land cruiser a completely new look. We’re a little late to report on it, but we’re doing this for the majority of others out there who tend to get the news a little later.

What makes it a class apart?

Land cruiser 2014 has gone through a facelift, we’ll let you guys decide if it makes it more desirable or not. So far its promised more powerful new features and some new capabilities. This land cruiser is a major hit amongst the competitors though thats for sure. It has new features like tail lamp clusters and LED lights. This model has been launched in versions with alloy wheels and is available in other variants. This model is also available in many more colours with like attitude black (really?), dark green mica, bronze metallic mica, dark blue mica and more. Having options are good, but we suspect that people will go for the standard shades.

“Land cruiser 2014 has gone through a facelift, we’ll let you guys decide if it makes it more desirable or not.”

Soaring popularity.

2014 Land cruiserCould this 4×4 be the most desirable and popular among the competition? One of the major obvious changes that could be seen is the front end. It has a teardrop style that consists of headlights compatible with LED or halogen lights. Along with this there is also an increase in the length of the front end. That’s what gives it that ‘boss’ look.

According to Toyota, this new front-end (which is the most drastic change) increases the length of the new model by about 20mm. All this without restricting the new Landcruiser’s original 32 degree off-road approach angle and turning circle.

Comfort and elegance. 

When it comes to comfort and space this new Landcruiser’s rear folding seats are apparently a breeze to operate. The seats now offer a bend angle of about 48 degrees. This gives the third row seat users an adjustable and better entry point and exit throughout their journey. It also incorporates a 4.2-inch colour TFT monitor to display.

Standard wheelbase Land cruiser 2014 has been face lifted to give innovative competition to 2014 Lexus GX. With sharp and advanced features, this cruiser is a hit amongst the higher classes, and has a better engine capability and storage then the previous models.

We’re keen to get your opinion on the front-end. Yay or nay?

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