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Transform You Prado into a Weekend Warrior For Under 5K

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In this article we need to tell people how they can transform their humble 4WD Prado that’s sitting in the drive way never going anywhere apart from a to and from drive back to work, and maybe even taking their kids to the footy – to all that plus getting away and going offroad visiting places they have never seen …

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What 4 x 4 Needs For A Tour of Australia

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These days, people simply hop into the 4 x 4 and start their tour of Australia, giving little attention to what 4 x 4 accessories need to be added to your chariot of adventure. Back in the days when offroad vehicles hadn’t been developed, legendary adventurers like Burke and Wills prepared immensely for expeditions. On their last expedition they took …

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OffRoading Road Safety | Best Practices Pt4

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Road safety remains the primary concern for any vehicle whether it is an offroading onslaught of machinery or a simple street vehicle. With the ever increasing number of people purchasing and using off road vehicles on city streets, we’re beginning to see off-road safety equipment overlap general road safety requirements.