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Easy Roadside Camping Opportunities in Australia

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Have you ever ventured out for roadside camping?

If you love exploring something different, then try out this once. Quiet beaches, highway parking bays, parks and gardens and outer reaches of towns in Australia provide some of the excellent camping opportunities to its travellers. And for a comfortable camping experience on the roadside, you can hire camping trailers that come equipped with modern amenities like beds, fridges, televisions, DVD players, etc… or byo!

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There are some roadside rest places in Australia where solar showers, tables, barbecues, shelters, and chemical toilet facilities are available. You can choose from any of these areas for camping. In these areas, you are most likely to encounter various European professionals, international students and Australian kids. Each group of these travellers can be found with different plans, but the common factor between them is that they enjoy spending nights under open sky of the picturesque locales of this country. Apart from them, you can see station workers, truckies, grey nomads and some families also pulling in with their boats and camper trailer.

Places to Camp

If you happen to be in Sydney, then look for camping options on the roadside bays. These spots are specially designated for car parking. In case you own a four wheel drive, then dry river beds can be an ideal choice.  However, don’t take the risk of parking your van in any botanical garden or lawn of a mansion in urban centre. This could be little troublesome.  Parking bays allotted for trucks must also be avoided. These parking bays bustle with the noise of air horns and beaming spotlights throughout the night.

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Selecting smaller towns (more specifically northern towns) or areas that are located at the distance of around 20 kms from towns is much safer.

Points to remember when you camp

Camping is strictly regulated in Australia, but can be a pleasant experience with discreet and smart planning. If a member of police force enquires you as to why you have parked your car in a particular rest area, make sure that you are polite in answering his questions. Another thing is don’t drive if you are drunk. Yeah, its a no brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many people think that their “camping” status turns them inconspicuous.

Camping in Australia can be an absolute pleasure as this gives you an opportunity to traverse across different highways and roads. Other countries like to boast about their public transportation system, but we


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