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Avoid Alcohol on the trail!

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Off road trails involve a lot of risk already, so you shouldn’t drink to make it more dangerous. Drinking on trail clearly reflects a person’s selfishness. Even if one cannot take care of the environment at least soberness can be expected during off-road driving. People love to take beer while going for an adventure, enjoying both passions together. However, do …

Land cruiser 2014

The most awaited land cruiser facelift!

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Land cruiser, which has been in production since 1951, is one of the most popular and until recent times, luxurious in its class. Today, the advent of high-end technology and powerful features has given the land cruiser a completely new look. We’re a little late to report on it, but we’re doing this for the majority of others out there …

Nissan Terrano Launch

New Nissan Terrano – Yes or No?

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Just when the world was getting fed up with beefed up SUVs that looked more like tractors than a conventional car, the Renault Duster brought in something new to the equation – a powerful sedan disguised as an SUV. The concept has caught on like wild fire and one of the first names to improvise on this concept was Nissan …