off road tires

4WD Tyre Jargon Guide for Beginners

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If you love getting out there on the open road, then getting educated on the key aspects of off-roading is essential as well as an educational journey. Since a car is nothing without its tyres, let’s take a look into this segment. First of all, tyre size can be calculated in metric (millimetres) or imperial (inches). While measuring a tyre, …

essential accessories

Starter Guide to Basic 4×4 Accessories

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For a smooth yet adventurous 4×4 driving experience, you need to equip your car with the necessary accessories with a perspective to customise its performance. So whether you are planning to venture out on some of the roughest and toughest fields of Australia in groups or pairs, spare a thought for some of the essential accessories that you may need …

4x4 beginner

Things All 4×4 Beginners Should Consider

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Driving off road can be an amazing experience, but to experience it to its fullest potential, you need to know a few little things. There are several basic points to consider before you get started. Let’s begin by taking a look at some of them one by one: Selecting your weapon of choice You can make your vehicle selection based …

Australia Exploration

4×4 Bucket List Destinations of Australia

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So what’s your list of must-visit terrains of Australia, and which ones have you already conquered? With the extensive varieties of landscapes, Australia is quite a comprehensive land of beauty that one can enjoy. From the spectacular coastlines, wonderful National Parks or enormous deserts to tracks on hilly ranges, everything welcomes you to explore and enjoy the this sunburnt land …