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Avoid Alcohol on the trail!

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Off road trails involve a lot of risk already, so you shouldn’t drink to make it more dangerous.

Drinking on trail clearly reflects a person’s selfishness. Even if one cannot take care of the environment at least soberness can be expected during off-road driving. People love to take beer while going for an adventure, enjoying both passions together. However, do not mix your passions, instead you can wait till you reach your camp and drink then.

Dangers of drinking on trail

People tend to believe drinking on trail is safe, as they are not on busy roads. They couldn’t be anymore incorrect. Things can go wrong here too. It is unfortunate that both newbie’s drink on trial. Even regular off-road drivers do it too. However, after wheeling in the nasty terrain for a few years, you will definitely get the hint that drinking and driving can prove to be fatal, regardless whether your on a main road or off the beaten track. You might not only damage your expensive pride and joy, but also get hurt and put others in danger as well.

“People tend to believe drinking on trail is safe, as they are not on busy roads”

No drinking and driving

Trailing off road includes mud pits and sand dunes. It can prove to be dangerous if you are drunk as it involves speed and several unknown dangers where boozing diminishes your reflexes.

You’re not fooling anyone but yourself when you choose to increase the risk factor when off-roading. Apart from discussing the danger aspects, one should also consider that drinking while driving is 100% illegal. So even when you are driving on sanctioned trails, drinking is forbidden by the law. So if you are caught drinking by the authorities then under Australian laws, you are most likely to get penalised heavily. Many drivers who drink and drive had confessed that it has got their vehicle damaged under the influence. As such, they would definitely avoid doing it in future. So if not for the law than keep away from the booze for your pride and joy.

The best way to enjoy off roading is to drive during the day and get rowdy once you reach the campfire at night.

Have the clean kind of fun where you can enjoy the entire part of off-road driving while being safe.